The Gift of Bravo Shoes

SO THEY CAN THRIVE’s Executive Director Ivan Woods Kasujja took this photograph of a young school boy admiring an ad for the Bravo Shoe Company.  The young man and many of his peers had never owned a pair of shoes!  In this photo, he is admiring the young man in the ad who is putting on a nice pair of shoes.  After this photo went viral, people on social media with one voice asked the shoe company to give this boy a pair of shoes.  In response, the company not only gifted this boy a pair of new shoes, they also gifted his entire school with free pairs of shoes!  When communities come together, great things happen!  Thank you for stepping up and taking part in this crucial work!

Water & Environment Week

This week in Uganda we celebrate “Water and Environment Week”! This week SO THEY CAN THRIVE’s Executive Director Ivan joined friends and our Area Member of Parliament to remove plastic waste from Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water lake in Africa. Protecting it from all forms of pollution is vital. Together we also launched the End Plastic Pollution Campaign. This campaign enables us to get more people involved in our efforts to reduce waste and ensure pollution-free environments.

Thank you for making ecological changes in your own lives and for supporting this essential work that impacts us all!

International Day of Forests

Yesterday we celebrated the International Day of Forests! This day is a reminder of the value of forests in the lives of Earth’s creatures. Forests play a major role in providing food, water, and shelter to animals and humans in immeasurable ways. On the International Day of Forests, citizens in countries around the world are motivated to undertake local, national, and international efforts to support the health of trees and forests, such as tree-planting campaigns. Support our efforts of planting more than 5000 trees in Uganda SO THEY CAN THRIVE by donating any amount here or through our Facebook fundraiser. Thank you for standing strong and tall with our life-sustaining trees!

Celebrating World Water Day

Celebrated each year on March 22nd, World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. The theme of World Water Day 2021 is focused on “Valuing Water”. With your Partnership, SO THEY CAN THRIVE is providing access to clean, safe water through constructing borehole wells and providing water filtration systems in the communities that need it the most. Thank you for being an important part of this vital work!

The Power of Twelve Singer Sewing Machines

Over the weekend, we delivered the final six of 12 Singer sewing machines to the women’s cooperative! These artisans are now producing and selling their products on site. They are very grateful for this great opportunity to work themselves out of poverty and provide for their children. This project is expanding and sustainable. With their proceeds, these artisans plan to acquire more sewing machines and start other income generating projects. This will ensure more women are provided with employment opportunities, their children will be cared for, and their community will thrive. We will monitor and follow up on this project, offering supervision when necessary. Thank you for the ways you support this vital work!

Become a Monthly Donor

When you become a monthly donor, you enable SO THEY CAN THRIVE to develop bold long-term plans, to budget more efficiently, and to create more life-changing outcomes. Your monthly gift helps us to continue bringing short-term relief to the families most devastated by economic crisis and viral pandemic. With your support, we can bring about long-term, sustainable solutions that transform the lives of families and communities. Thank you for standing with us to do this necessary work!
Become a monthly donor today!

Climate Change’s Impact on Poorer Communities

Conservationist Tabi Joda, founder of One Billion Trees for Africa, says climate change is having a profound impact on poorer communities on the frontline of the environmental crisis. “Supporting Greta Thunberg’s message and translating it into real concrete action, driving and raising wider public awareness across the entire globe, calling our leaders to action and holding them responsible, this is the task we all should be behind now,” he said. “Leaders should support young people all over the world that are not just adding their voice, but innovating for sustainability and climate action. We need opportunities, finance and a seat at the table.” Thank you for sitting at the table with us to bring about necessary change SO THEY CAN THRIVE!

Restoring the Land

“The science is clear, our planet is in danger. Anytime you restore land, you actually have it as a carbon sink. And it turns out that land is the largest carbon carbon sink that we have right now on Earth.”

Ibrahim Thiaw, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

Thank you for working with us to make a difference in a perilous situation!  Together we are sustaining and improving Ugandan soil to better shelter and feed our people!

When Female Farmers Thrive

When Africa’s female farmers thrive, everyone benefits. When these women succeed, they invest in their children’s nutrition and education, into their local communities, and they invest in their economies! With focus upon the right investments and policies, Africa’s woman-run farms will produce a bumper crop of development. Thank you for being a big part of our ongoing efforts to support Ugandan women SO THEY CAN THRIVE!

Rural Craftswomen

This year we are empowering rural craftswomen in Uganda through social entrepreneurship and inclusive innovation. By investing and partnering with these artisans, we are now creating an income stream so these women can provide essential needs for their children! We are providing employment and vocational training in artisan crafts for over 60 women in northern Uganda, where poverty is extreme and opportunities are few. By creating these opportunities to earn income for their families, these women are now able to pay for their children’s school fees, provide adequate nutrition, and keep their families together. The benefits of providing training for women ripple through their communities, providing positive changes that support future generations.