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So They Can Thrive

I Understand Suffering.

So They Can Thrive / Foundation First Inc. is a volunteer-run, non-profit established in 2011 by Azaria Grace.  Our organization is committed to providing opportunities to communities in the greatest need So They Can Thrive.

Our focus is on:
*Clean Water
*Medical Care

When asked why Azaria felt compelled to launch a non-profit to provide humanitarian aid, she paused before responding.  “Because I understand suffering.”  Azaria’s journey has included her own share of suffering.  Those personal travails shaped her heart and led her to a place where she could no longer overlook others’ pain.  Azaria stepped up to be in service and continues her compassionate, courageous work today.

Meet our volunteer-operated Board!
Executive Director: Ivan Woods Kasujja
Field Operations Director: Azaria Grace
Treasurer: Erin Buxton
Secretary: Jennifer Love

Read about our current projects here, find updates here, and support our work here.

So They Can Thrive

So They Can Thrive