Our Ugandan Team

We are please to introduce our Ugandan STCT team! While some of our team members have returned to school upon the reopening of universities, four of our team members were able to join our executive director Ivan Woods Kasujja to deliver supplies in Ddegeya Village.

In the blue shirt, Marvin “Uncle Mavo” has worked in humanitarian work with Ivan for the last 15 years. Uncle Mavo is our field coordinator and helps set up our field work.

In the maroon shirt, Christina “Tina” is a nutritionist and a small restaurant owner who volunteers her time to work on our projects. She also helps us provide nourishing foods for babies and children who need it the most.

In the cap is Eve, who is very passionate about women’s empowerment, especially with single mothers.

On the far left is Josephine “Aunty Jose”, a poultry farmer who is very dedicated to empowering female farmers in Uganda’s rural areas.

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