Shakira on Education

“It’s unacceptable that more than half of the world’s 1.6 billion young people will never have been to school by the year 2030 if we continue as we are. I’m telling the world about an opportunity to change that – and the future of the world’s children.” -Shakira, singer & education campaigner

Distributing Educational Supplies Tomorrow

We are preparing for and greatly anticipating our distribution of necessary school supplies tomorrow in Ddegeya Village.  This is our first project in this community where we plan to base most our organization’s efforts.  We will be supplying books, backpacks, learning materials, pens, and shoes so children can access educational opportunities.

This is a photograph of our Executive Director Ivan Woods Kasujja working on a previous distribution.  Where possible, we provide locally produced and distributed goods.  Thank you for so powerfully supporting this community SO THEY CAN THRIVE.

Educational Focus in Ddegeya Village

Due to the overwhelmingly positive impacts of education on children’s lives, we begin our work in Ddegeya Village by focusing on education.  Accessing education is pivotal to increasing employment and income opportunities.  It is fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty. 

By simply providing essential learning materials, we are providing children with guidance toward their success, as well as weapons against poverty.  Thank you for helping us provide books, school supplies, shoes, and a safe learning environment for children in Ddegeya Village SO THEY CAN THRIVE.

This photograph is from our previous educational work.


Ddeyega Village

It is with great pleasure we announce our upcoming work in the community of Ddeyega Village (also spelled Deyega) in Luweero District, 90-minutes north of our home base in Kampala! We are thrilled to support the needs of approximately 20,000 people in this community!

Adequate Food

“The first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind. Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.” -Norman Borlaug, USA agronomist, biologist, & humanitarian

Henry on Education

“Having an education is something great. It differentiates you from other people, takes you from one step to another, and makes you what you want to be.” -Henry, pictured here

Bidi Bidi Water Solutions

The long queues for water in Bidi Bidi Settlement, as with other refugee camps and settlements, keep so many children out of school. During the school day, children leave class to collect water for home use. This takes hours. One solution is rainwater harvesting. This provides safe, on-site water in schools and homes. Together we are providing water systems that allow children to stay in school to invest in a better future.


Green Communities March

“Staff from Youth for Green Communities met in Mbarara, Uganda, and marched with handmade signs for more than 15 miles. They called on President Yoweri Museveni to pass into law the National Climate Change Bill, which unanimously passed Uganda’s parliament last year.”

-Sierra Club, photo courtesy of Youth for Green Communities