So They Can Thrive

Our Projects

For ten years we have worked on six main projects, five of which were in Uganda and one in Bangladesh.  In Bangladesh, we worked to support children in a Rohingya refugee camp’s makeshift medical center.  In Uganda, we’ve had opportunities to build and sustain Good Grace Primary School, Good Grace Secondary school, the Good Grace Clean Water Station, and the Good Grace Medical Center, all in Kacerere Village.  We have also had the privilege to participate in seven Good Grace Farms in and around Kacerere Village.  These programs have now become sustainable and we have shifted our focus to meet other vital needs in Uganda.
The Good Grace Primary School – So They Can Thrive
Our efforts now center upon the greatest needs in rural Ugandan communities.  Our Executive Director Ivan Woods Kasujja travels much of Uganda in search of those who are in greatest need.  He works with local leaders to find ways to improve the lives of those living in the most impoverished communities.
As our organization shifted, we began work where it was most needed and our efforts would make the most immediate change.  For our first project, we are focusing on empowering rural craftswomen in Gulu, Uganda, to create a self-sustaining sewing cooperative.  By investing and partnering with 60 artisans, as well as providing employment and vocational training, these women are now able to pay for their children’s school fees, provide adequate nutrition, and keep their families together.  The benefits of providing training for women ripple through their communities, providing positive changes that support future generations.


Through generous donations, we have been able to provide 12 sewing machines to this cooperative!  With their proceeds, these artisans plan to acquire more sewing machines and start other income generating projects.  This will ensure more women are provided with employment opportunities, their children will be cared for, and their communities will thrive.  We will monitor and follow up on this project, offering supervision when necessary.  Thank you for being a part of this vital work!
We are now shifting into another important project: forestry.  We are reminded often of the value of forests in our lives.  Forests play a major role in providing food, water, clean air, and shelter for all Earth’s creatures.  Trees minimize erosion, maintain healthy soil that supports farming, increase rainfall, and absorb harmful air pollution!

Kicking off our project plans on the International Day of Forests, we joined citizens in countries around the world to take on local, national, and international efforts to support the health of our trees and forests.  Tree-planting campaigns are an important part of this.  We are now investing in the planting of more than 5,000 trees in Uganda so we can all thrive!  Our fundraising here and on our Facebook platform supports these efforts.  Thank you for standing strong with our life-sustaining trees!
Thank you for checking us out and supporting our essential work!  We welcome your future involvement as a volunteer (email us), donor, and ally.