Ready for Fruit Seedlings

We are excited to soon purchase propagated fruit tree seedlings to deliver to our partnering farmers in Northern Uganda! We will start with fruit trees because they need more water than other trees and this is our rainy season. Fruit trees also grow faster and produce income to farmers and their families.
We will plant mangoes, passion fruits, avocados, oranges, pawpaws, and others. 600 seedlings cost us $1,150 USD (4,200,000 Uganda Shillings). We will also purchase watering cans, shovels, and hoes for $1,415 USD (5,235,500 Uganda Shillings), a one-time expense.
Thank you for helping us meet our goal of planting 5,000 trees in Uganda! It is because of your participation and contributions we are able to carry out this essential work.
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