Craftswomen’s Growing Cooperative

Last weekend in Palaro Village-Gulu, in northern Uganda, we finished assembling the machines and handed them to the female artisans. While this tailoring business may look small and simple, it is really big for women in rural Uganda. This project helps women earn income for their families, increases their self-esteem an motivation, and invigorates their local community. We are providing sewing machines for these women SO THEY CAN THRIVE and earn income that transforms the lives of of their families and communities! Many of these craftswomen have already filled orders for their neighbors and local schools and are now focusing on mending and making new garments. The five machines we delivered are giving these 30 women a start. They work in shifts to share opportunities to work with the machines. We plan to provide another five machines for this growing group so they can further provide for their families and communities. Thank you for being an essential part of this project!

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