The Good Grace Farms – So They Can Thrive Project

The Good Grace Farms (7 each) in and around Kacerere Village, Uganda

We manage 7 farms in and around Kacerere Village, Uganda.
We have 6 farms locally within Kacerere and a 20 acre farm on the outskirts of Kacerere.
The crops we grow on these farms help feed the students at the two schools we have in Kacerere, and excess crops are sold to the general public to offset the cost of maintenance costs, and to cover teacher’s wages at our schools, for future projects, and for improvements to the farms themselves.
The crops include: maize, beans, cabbage, rice, potatoes, and tomatoes.
We very much understand the importance of tradition. That being said – we are looking to bring in some modern farming ideas to this project – specifically crop rotation, companion planting, irrigation and composting.

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